About Us

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ClearOne Advantage is a full-service debt resolution company providing settlements of credit cards and other unsecured debts. Through superior debt negotiation services and attentive customer service, ClearOne Advantage offers the leading options in debt settlement. We recognize that each individual client has unique financial needs, and we work with each person to specifically tailor a program to meet those needs.

You can be assured that each debt settlement consultant has been hand-picked to successfully guide you through the program. We realize that dealing with personal finances can be a difficult task and that providing a solution means more than just providing money, it means respecting our clients as well. Our executive leadership team is comprised of financial industry professionals with expertise in many of the industries that provide consumer lending services, making ClearOne Advantage the obvious choice when looking to settle debt.

Contact us to learn more about the products and services that make ClearOne Advantage an easy choice in debt settlement.