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I am very happy to have found ClearOne. I was frightened about my situation and what to do about my debt until I spoke to the debt specialist at ClearOne. He explained how the program works and when I decided to get started I had so much pressure lifted off of me. I started the program about 5 months ago and am already starting to pay off my second creditor. I am so happy right now and looking forward to being debt free in a few years.”

- T. C., Current ClearOne Advantage Client from Louisiana

My ClearOne representative was easy to talk to and the enrollment process was very smooth. The program was easy to understand and the customer service is awesome. I’m glad I chose you guys!”

- S.P., Current ClearOne Advantage Client from Utah

Everyone I have spoken with at ClearOne has been professional, understanding, and sensitive. They have worked with me to find the solution that works best for me and are helping me to be debt free and avoid any choices that would put me further in debt.

- M.S., Current ClearOne Advantage Client from Virginia

I wanted to let you know that my experience to date has been fantastic with ClearOne!  There are so many debt organizations out there, all of whom say they will help get you on your feet, but so far the only encounter I have personally had worth mentioning has been with ClearOne.

Nicole M and Matt C have been lifesavers for me.  They are always courteous, patient and sensitive to my situation.  I am one of a million stories of people struggling to survive in our present economy, but it's nice to know that there are still nice people in the world who understand the struggle of those of us who are struggling.  Someday soon, with the help of ClearOne and continued support from Matt and Nicole, I will be free of my debt!

Thank You ClearOne for hiring such great people to represent your organization.  NOTHING beats respect.

- Susan, Glen Cove, NY

Since the start of this process I have been handled with nothing but compassion and respect. I like to think that I am an intelligent college educated woman. Well, even smart women can listen to the wrong people and make bad financial choices. You all have enabled me to keep my house, job, car, and sanity by working 8 extra hours a week to straighten out my financial mess.

However, the most important thing that has come out of this is that my 9 year old son will be able to continue to look at his mom with the confidence that she can handle whatever comes. Confidence in me only increases his self-confidence and I thank you again for that.

I sincerely hope that I will continue to stay on a sound financial path and not need your services in the future. But if I do, clear one will be my first call.

- CC, Lansdowne, PA

I would like to take the opportunity to thank your firm for their commitment, work ethic, communication and actually friendship in aiding me through some of the roughest parts of my fiscal life. All of your staff really surprised me at the dedication they used to settle the accounts I trusted you with.

Being a widow and single father, I found myself over extended and muddled into some larger debt than I never thought would happen to me. It's funny how quick I went from being ahead to being behind and worried about my financial future. Thanks to you and your team all of the accounts were settled quickly and professionally. But most of all was the amount your company saved me. On one account alone I saved over 3 thousand dollars.

Though I still have a little way to go to getting back on my feet, without ClearOne Advantage’s help I don't even want to think about where my finances would be! Again, thank you from my family for the fantastic job your company did.  I advise anyone out there that may need help in the debt reduction area to really try ClearOne Advantage. You will not be disappointed!

- Ange, Punxsutawney, PA

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