6-Step Financial Checklist

Following a financial checklist can help you get free from debt.
ClearOne Advantage wants to help you achieve your financial goals. We’ve created this one-page financial checklist and made it available to you for free.
Use this 6-step checklist to help get your finances in order.
Financial Checklist - Cropped

1. Assess your current finances: It's a good idea to perform a financial checkup once a year.

2. Set financial goals: Decide which areas need improvement and set goals.

3. Set up a budget: Create a plan that will help you reach your goals.

4. Prepare your tax return: Ensure you have your finances in order when it comes to the IRS.

5. Get out of credit card debt: Improve your financial health by paying down your debt.

6. Build your emergency fund: Prepare for any unexpected expenses with an emergency fund.

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