Budget-friendly Summer Activities for Kids

Published May 2021
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If you are concerned with your household finances, the last thing you want to do is charge a vacation to a credit card, but you still want your kids to have fun this summer. Keep the summer fun going with summer activities for kids that won’t add to your credit card debt. Here are some activities you can choose for fun all summer long.

Key Points: 

  • You and the kids can still have fun this summer without adding to your existing credit card debt if you follow a budget.
  • Inexpensive summer activities can be just as fun and educational for the kids.
  • If there is no room in your budget for summer activities, you can still have fun with free options this season.

When choosing summer activities, don’t forget to take your budget into consideration. When updating or creating a budget, make sure that the money going out is below your monthly income. If you’re spending more than you’re making, you may need to cut back on expenses.

Inexpensive Summer Activities for Kids

If there is some room in your budget after bills and debt payments, you may feel comfortable spending a little bit of money on your summer fun. Just don’t go above your budget when selecting activities.

  • Fun with water in the backyard can be a great way to cool off this summer without spending a lot of money. Find inexpensive water guns or sprinklers for a fun summer activity for kids.
  • Teach your kids how to cook or bake. If they are too young to learn how to cook on their own, just give them small tasks such as stirring during the baking or cooking process.
  • Find discount days or free days at local zoos or other attractions. Sometimes, there are discounts if you go later in the day. Bring snacks and drinks, if permitted, to keep the cost even lower.
  • Learn something new such as a fun instrument or a craft. Hold off on the top-quality supplies until you have gotten better at the summer activity.
  • Find fun board games or other activities to have fun indoors and outdoors. Save even more money by pulling out old toys and games that the kids have forgotten about but still enjoy.

Keep an eye out for coupons or sales to keep your summer activity costs at a minimum. If you can’t find a coupon, you may be able to recreate the activity at home. If your kids are interested in something specific, do your research to see if there is a cheaper alternate option.

Free Summer Activities for Kids

Fun summer activities don’t have to cost a dime. If there is no room in your budget, consider these free summer activities for kids to avoid adding to your credit card debt.

  • A garden can be a source of enjoyment but can also help you save money on groceries. The flowers are fun to watch grow but you can also plant fruits, vegetables, and herbs to use in your cooking.
  • Take a visit to the library to browse books and more, depending on your library. You may also be able to sign up your kid for summer reading to extend the fun all summer long!
  • If you can’t afford to get away this summer, try camping in the backyard with the kids. It’s a fun summer activity without spending money.
  • Go for a hike in your own town or find somewhere nearby. Check to make sure there is no entrance fee before you go.
  • Make up a scavenger hunt or obstacle course for the kids to do. Use different areas of your home, both indoor and outdoor, to keep the game fresh all summer.

No matter what your budget is, use your imagination to find new inexpensive summer activities for kids the entire season. There may be even more free or cheap options in your own community that you have never considered before!

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