Benefits of a Remote Workforce

Published June 2020

As our national workforce trades in their commutes for home offices, the adjustment for many employers, and their employees, has been overwhelming. Companies that once deemed this work environment impossible now have to make it possible.

ClearOne Advantage has experience operating a partially remote workforce since 2012, and we can attest that there are quite a few benefits to having employees who work from home. In fact, once the country has weathered the COVID-19 storm, work from home days will likely become more of the norm for many employers.

Here are a few benefits we’ve found from adopting this trend early:

Higher levels of engagement.

You don’t have to have all employees under one roof to maintain company culture or engagement. You will actually find employees are more responsive and engaged from home. Try conducting daily check-in meetings every morning to kick the day off and get your team on the same page. Make it fun.

There is more collaboration.

With communication tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, we are able to ask more team members to offer their insight on projects. It’s also much easier to send a quick message instead of searching for someone at the office.

Better use of top technology.

There are quite a few tools that provide high-quality video and sound for conference calls, such as Google Hangouts, Skype, or Zoom.

Reporting is more efficient.

With our online project management tools, we are able to track sales goals in real-time. Since every team member is held accountable for documenting their work, we can identify what issues require immediate attention, or what’s working well. The phone and the CRM systems all work together for efficient reporting.

Employees are more compassionate.

Our entire team understands that working from home means your personal life is more present throughout the day. We all have different responsibilities at home, so our team has naturally become more flexible and patient with each other.

Employees are more alert and available.

Working from home also gets rid of office distractions, so employees can concentrate on answering emails and messages. Without the need for in-person meetings, we always have access to our messaging center.

(For employees, here are tips for working successfully from home.)