Florida Debt Relief

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If you’re a Florida resident living with an amount of debt that you can’t afford, you’re not alone. The Sunshine State has more residents in debt than the average of the United States as a whole.

The good news is, you don’t have to get out of debt alone either. Finding a debt resolution plan for your debt relief in the state of Florida doesn’t have to be difficult and there may be many debt resolution programs available to you. A debt relief company like ClearOne Advantage, with its certified debt specialists, may be able to provide debt relief programs to lower your average credit card debt payments if you are looking for debt settlement services in Florida.

See how much you can save every month - plus get an estimate of time and total savings - with your personalized debt resolution plan from ClearOne. 

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Creating or updating your budget is a great first step you can do on your own to take control of your debt in Florida. Then, cutting back on monthly expenses and reducing interest rates in Florida can help you get ahead of your credit card bills, but it’s not always enough. With credit card interest rates continuing to increase your monthly payments, it would be wise to look beyond making only the minimum monthly payments for alternative debt relief options in Florida.

Florida Debt Relief Services

Whether you are retiring or still working, you can reduce interest rates and get out of debt with the right debt relief option as a Florida resident. Even if you already use one of these debt solutions, a budget may help you find where you can cut bills to provide more money for your Florida debt. The more you make the payments on time, the less you will pay overall because of interest rates. Our credit card calculator can help you understand why time is of the essence when it comes to paying off your debt, especially when you have the right management plan in place.

Florida Debt Consolidation Loans

You can manage your debt with a debt consolidation loan to pay off your existing lines of credit with one loan. You will still have types of credit, but it will be consolidated into one easy payment. Consumers are advised that a debt consolidation loan is only worth it if you can lower interest rates on the loan more than your current interest rate. Florida residents who do not have good credit score ratings may not benefit from debt consolidation loans for this reason.

Keep in mind that debt consolidation loans do not eliminate your debt, but rather consolidate it into one source. A debt consolidation loan may not be a good option if you live in Florida and think you may slip back into old ways once your credit cards no longer carry a balance or if you cannot qualify for a low rate.

If you choose debt consolidation as a Florida resident, make sure you get the best type of consolidation loan at the lowest interest rate possible. Otherwise, you may end up with more debt than you started with due to interest and fees.

Should You Consider Bankruptcy?

When exploring debt relief options in Florida, bankruptcy might seem like a last resort for many — which makes sense when you're facing overwhelming debt. After all, federal laws ensure that the bankruptcy process is fair and typically lets debtors keep essential assets. This makes it enticing for financial purposes.

However, filing for bankruptcy may also impact your financial future. Yes, it may provide a fresh start by discharging eligible debts, but it also carries long-term consequences, such as an impact on your credit report.

Hence, you must weigh the benefits of clearing your debts against the challenges of rebuilding credit and possibly facing restrictions on future income and credit opportunities. Consider how each option will affect your relationship with credit card companies and other creditors before taking such a drastic step.

Choosing to work with a certified debt specialist is one of the best ways to avoid bankruptcy. They can help you manage your debts more effectively and explore alternatives that prevent the need to file for bankruptcy.

Debt Settlement in Florida

If you won’t benefit from a debt consolidation loan or do not have the funds to make the monthly payment of a debt consolidation loan, debt settlement companies in Florida, such as ClearOne Advantage, offer debt resolution programs made just for people in Florida. Instead of trying to settle different types of debt on your own, it is usually better in the long run to leave it to the experts.

The professionals from the debt relief industry have a lot more experience with negotiating any type of debt and may be eligible to save you more money than you could on your own. According to Florida debt statistics, companies like ClearOne Advantage who have deep knowledge of laws in Florida may help you lower your debt to 75% of the original amount after fees. You may even be able to pay off your debt in as little as 24 to 48 months.

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Find debt relief with ClearOne Advantage in Florida today. Our certified debt specialists can help you develop a confidential and secure personalized plan to negotiate with creditors to reduce your debt burden.

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